: Northstar engine for racer-need help with wiring

04-09-08, 05:04 PM
I'm trying wire in a Northstar engine I took out of a wrecked 99 STS. I'm using the transaxle and all. I think I'm having an issue with the anti theft signal to the PCM. I'm pretty sure I've satisfied the PCM and trans with all other power and ground signals. It turns over fine and I have voltage at most of my sensors etc, but I have no spark or injector signal from the PCM.

I've done a fair amount of research regarding the VATS/Passkey III, but I've come up empty handed.

I also know you can buy after market PCM's to solve this( which I intend to do in the future) but I'm trying to avoid spending to much $$ right now.

Thanks for any info you might be willing to share.

04-09-08, 08:16 PM
Got it figured out.

04-14-08, 07:22 PM
I got a PM from someone but I dont have enough posts logged to reply, but I am interested. Give me your contact info and I'll be in touch.

04-16-08, 07:25 AM
I may have, but not sure. I some nice Northstar information

04-16-08, 11:15 AM
I'd like to hear about it. I'm running a completely stock 99 Northstar engine with transaxle and I'm interested in any advice you might have for me. PM me your e-mail address and I'll get in touch with you