: 1996 deville volume control/cd memory loss

04-08-08, 05:25 PM
When you start the car after it has been off for more than 15 minutes the volume turns itself up. Also, if a CD was last on it will not come back on as it should. This seems to happen after the reserve accessory power has timed out. If I forget to turn the radio off the night before, and I start the car in the morning the radio is blasting out at level 4 volume. If I start the car within 15 minutes then it remembers the volume where I had set it or the cd that I last listened to. Anything past 15 minutes and the volume is at level 4. Any Ideas? This is a non-Bose system. Could it be the head unit or the module in the trunk? Is there a way to get codes from the radio or reset the radio?