: maggie owners, after cooler fill?

04-08-08, 11:25 AM

Well, so far my car runs strong but i have question about how you guys fill after cooler? Does your maggie drink water? I put a T filler neck on top of hose next to air bleeder nipple on the maggie. T is on the passenger side. I open my T filler cap daily to check if there is water but most of time it is pretty now, I can see but it is not filled to top of the T like I filled last time. What do you guys do to check if after cooler is low on fluid?


04-08-08, 12:57 PM
Haven't checked mine since I did the install last July.

Here's the very crude way I did mine.

04-08-08, 02:00 PM
LOL, That's exactly how I do mine

04-08-08, 04:05 PM
Haven't checked mine since I did the install last July.

Here's the very crude way I did mine.

:histeric:That is AWESOME Rand...

I did something similar at A&A Corvette when we checked mine, but your concoction is just...AWESOME...:)

04-08-08, 06:16 PM
Filled each individual component up (reservoir, cooler, etc.) as the hoses were installed to each. Then copied Randy's way of purging the air.

To check coolant flow:

- Turn the key on (engine off)
- *Disconnect power I/C pump power at the fuse box
- Place right hand on coolant line going into the Maggie
- *Use left hand hook up power again to the I/C pump
- When power is applied and the I/C pump kicks in, one should feel the surge of coolant in the hose. If not, the pump has lost its prime.

*Easier way is to have an assistant cycle the key off/on/off.

04-08-08, 07:53 PM
Well, here is the deal, I used a 3 foot section of pipe and connected it to the passenger side of the T fitting, I took the hose that connects to the T fitting and attached a high volume funnel (according to maggie instructions) I then turned the ignition on and let the 50/50 mix run from the 3 foot section of hose into the funnel for 10 minutes (also per the instructions) after that I attached the hose from the reservoir directly to the passenger side of the T fitting. I drove the car for 10 minutes, stopped, used a flat blade screwdriver to let the air out (with a rag under the T fitting to catch any fluid) and then repeated that procedure after about a 60 mile cruise and have not seen any indication of a leak so I just leave it alone and it leaves me alone :) Unless you see evidence of a leak, there is really no reason to mess with it, remember, you must have room for expansion when the fluid heats up.