: rear view mirror red light?

04-07-08, 11:11 PM
on my rear view mirror along where the onstar controls are there are 2 little lights. One on the left and one on the right by the paramedic symbol. They are suppose to be green but the one on the right side changes from green to red every so often....why? what could be the problem?

04-12-08, 08:18 PM
When the onstar light goes RED it is signaling you of an onstar hardware issue.. kind of like a "check engine" lamp for your onstar..

It is usually a loss of connection between the onstar computer (VCIM) and the antenna which could be caused by a variety of things.. but when the onstar loses that communication it sets the red light to let you know that there is a problem..

04-13-08, 11:10 AM
ok. thanks