: SW with stock exhaust and cut-outs

04-07-08, 07:50 AM
Hey all,

Well i did a like bit of research into my issue, and found my mufflers are causin my headaches...

So after a little conversaion with a good friend of mine, it looks like i will be droppin the SW catback from the resonator back and installin the stock system, untouched. I will keep my SW midpipes and cat setup and install a Quicktime cutout system before the resonator with electronic controller...

I feel if i still want that extra little bit of power i just flip the switch, and when i want quietness, i flip the switch and shhhhhhhi can hear her think and be a step ahead of my date...

Your thoughts on this?

Mind you i am still gonna be doing my bolt-ons soon, just waitin on a few parts. On the plus side, i will have lenty of clearance with my cooler and the weight wont be that much...

04-07-08, 09:49 AM

You are going to downpipe from 3" to 2.5"?

Aren't there some other aftermarket mufflers you can try?


04-07-08, 11:44 AM
I wish, but due to my current location, obtainin the right parts is a PAIN. I might as well downsize and put in cut-outs for the that peak hp and SSSSHHHHHH...

04-07-08, 01:21 PM
From what i've heard from many first hand users, the quicktime cutouts will give you nothing but problems! Go with DMH, much better quality and long warranty.. the rocker switch is awesome as well, i mounted mine on the drivers side of the center console... cut a 3/4" hole in the plastic basically in line with the bottom trim piece of the shift boot.