: replacing factory speakers

04-06-08, 08:22 PM
has anyone replaced there factory speakers ? any suggestions for good aftermarket speakers thanks

04-07-08, 12:24 PM
I haven't replaced the speakers in my Escalade, because I really think it sounds pretty good... especially when considering the cost and hassle of replacing the equipment...

BUT in all my other vehicles, I always replace the factory speakers.... over the years with trying a bunch of different brands, I ended up very happy with Focal.

The Focal 165 K2P is a great setup and will sound amazing... but you will have to pay a hefty penny for them.. they also require lots of good clean power... no cheap amps.... Audison makes good high end amps that are relatively small...

I use these combos in most of my cars, and it sounds the best of anythign I have ever heard.