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04-06-08, 05:59 PM
Hi guys,

I have gone through 3 amps in my car so far..all audiobahn and now my latest a fusion. Unfortunately they all get the same issue where the terminal for power or ground seems to melt. But Its all wired ok. The fuse is close to the battery, the ground is short, the remote wire is on a switch, and all of the power reccomendations are met. Also, the protection for heat is on always.

Unfortunately last night my fusion amp just stopped working only after 15 minutes of having it on. The negative terminal seemed to melt but I dont know why. All of the connections are made and the protection light is on. Oddly enough, the amp works sometimes when I am stopped.

What should I do? I think it is under warranty but if its a simple fix then that could be much easier.


05-31-08, 10:21 AM
Buy better amps bro. I used to have the same problems with amps like those. Now I'm not an installer or anything but amps like mmats, jlaudio, kicker, etc... will probably last longer. At least they did for me.

06-10-08, 11:28 PM
First off why do you need switched on you remote wire unless you want to turn off your amp when the they aren't in use. You could wire them to the radios harness (antenna-car remote on) and they will trun off when the car is off. Also check your amps porlity for the speakers you could have a negitive on a positive. The reason why use post on your amp is frying is the pos/neg could be touching. I know and I learned this lession the hard way bass does knock stuff lose. I was driving and all of sudden slience I knocked a 0 guage off a distro block with the bass;). Or check you main fuse on your power wire the rating could be to high for all three. Amps add the amerage on the fuses on your amps and that's hould tell you how big your main fuse should be. I have 3 audiobahn amps and one of my amps went into protection mode and that's because I had it on for 3 hrs and the bass turned up. Make sure ur gain is right post a pic of your wiring and we will go from there. Also if the amps is still under warrenty when its fixed ask wht broke it and that might help also