View Full Version : How can I add an after market amp to the stock radio system 95 fleetwood

04-06-08, 01:58 PM

anybody know about putting an after market amp with sub in the stock radio system from a 1995 fleetwood? I used the right and left audio from the stock amp and connected it with the low input from the after market amp. it worked but only the sub not together with the standard loudspeakers. so I changed it from the low input to the high input after it it works all but the sub doens´t get louder if i put on the volume. :( so i guess the lft and rght signal is on one signal and the volume regulates from another connection I guess the audio com cable?! but how can I put these together with the after market sub so that all getting louder if i put on the volume?? is there a chance? or not?

THX a lot 4 help

greets from germany with my new 1995 fleetwood brougham :)