: 2007 22 inch chrome wheel problem

04-06-08, 01:39 PM
I washed my escalade yesterday and noticed there was gold(rust) colored spots near the spokes on the stick rims. I had waxed the rims before winter and really don't drive but a day a week. I had to scrub the piss out of the rims to get this off and it's still not all off. Is this happening to anyone else with stock chrome rims? Is there something that makes cleaning and polishing these rims easier? Should this be happening already or should i take it to the dealer and complain?

Thanks for the help

04-06-08, 03:52 PM
same exact problem i used turtle wax chrome polish cleaner

04-07-08, 01:18 AM
My 22's have quite a few rough spots in the chrome as though there had been debris floating in the chemical baths. I complained that it was catching threads from polishing cloths and threatening to slit my fingertips like little razor blades. The factory agreed to replace the worst one only. If it wasn't a lease, I would have pressed the matter.

04-07-08, 02:45 AM
Sadly, Factory chrome on wheels is not top notch.
Even when waxed before and during winter, the light surface rust appears.

I use Steel Wool #00 or #000... I forget exactly, but it is the Real Fine steel wool and soak it with my favorite polish/wax.
It takes any crud right off real easy and does not damage the chrome.
Just don't use it on Plastic chrome. :tisk:

04-07-08, 09:08 AM
I have the same exact problem with my 22" wheels. I spoke to the service manager - he says that he sees it all the time, even on his wheels on his Tahoe. He said some chrome polish would take it off. I think I'm going to buy one of those small red rotating polish balls that go on the end of a cordless drill and give it a try. Thanks for the tip about the steel wool, though - may try that first.

- Craig

04-07-08, 06:23 PM
I had the exact same problem on my ESV.

I used an Eagle One product called NEVER DULL. Its a fiber like material and comes in a can and you just rip off a wod of it and polish with it. It works great and took off every nasty spot.

04-07-08, 08:59 PM
Never Dull is some AWESOME stuff!!!

04-08-08, 11:43 AM
Because of where you live, in the snow area, you would need to keep them clean and waxed, if you used carnauba wax it will only last a few weeks at best, use a synthetic wax it will last 5 times longer, you have to get the salt off the wheels quickly, this will help keep them looking good longer, it's because of the poor factory chrome plating, most stock wheels are manufacturerd by the lowest bidder, so we are getting what GM paid for. :(

04-09-08, 04:39 PM
I just noticed the same yellow on my front wheels a couple weeks back. I tried briefly to scrub it a bit but its too cold up here to stay out for an extended period of time.
The Truck just went over a year old and I dont even use the wheels year round only in the winter. Im going in for regular service on Saturday, is this something the dealer will take care of on my next services after i complain or will i have to fork over the cash for a full detail? I have had chrome wheels on multiple cars before and never had a this bad of a problem with break dust staining on a wheel. I don't think consumers should take the fall for this.

Thanks Guys

04-09-08, 04:45 PM
Get some chrome polish like Mother's and see how they clean up.

04-09-08, 04:54 PM
One of my wheels has that same gold swirl mark on the chrome finish and I live in Los Angeles where there is never any snow or salt on the roads. I even wax all the chrome everytime I wax the car which is about once a month, so the car is VERY well taken care of. It is just the crappy low bidder chrome you get from GM.