: Opinions on the Dodge Durango?

05-30-03, 04:28 PM
My folks are thinking about buying a Durango today and I went to look at it. I was shock as how nice it rode. Its nothing like my father's Dakota. Its a 4X4 5.2 V8. The only things it does not have is the leather and the bigger V8. Since my dad is now completely retired and doesn't see the need to go spend a fortune on a new SUV (he is going the used auto route), he feels this Durango is all he needs. The 4X4 is for when he goes to visit my sister in the winter up in Iowa and sometimes when he goes hunting in the Off-road area around here(when he buys a 4X4 he does use it). It's big enough for him and my mom. And the V8 is there for when he needs the power. So what are y'all opinions on these Durangos?

05-30-03, 04:46 PM
I like them, my friend has had one for a number of years now. The size seems to be its strength. It feels like just a little bigger than a mid-size, but still smaller than the really big trucks. Im not a fan of suburbans/expedition/escalade etc. so the durango is about as big as i would go.

05-30-03, 05:05 PM
Yeah thats the biggest reason my folks were looking at them.Tehy didn'y want anything smaller or bigger than that truck. The only other ones they even gave a glance were the Blazers and Explorers. The only thing that was bugging my father was the fact that its a '99 with 60000 miles on it. But it looksl ike a woman drove it and doesn't look like it was ever taken off-road.

05-30-03, 08:12 PM
I always liked the Durangos but never bought one. Everytime I looked at them, there was always SOMETHING that was missing that others had. You're right that the size is just right, and you're right about the ride quality. BUT......
The last one I looked at was two years ago when we got the Denali and at that time (things may have changed since), they didn't come with climate control and the rear hatch glass couldn't be opened independantly of the hatch. Those are two BIGGIES with me.
But then again.........I DO drool everytime I see a Durango R/T ;)

05-30-03, 08:57 PM
Originally posted by Katshot
I always liked the Durangos but never bought one. Everytime I looked at them, there was always SOMETHING that was missing that others had. You're right that the size is just right, and you're right about the ride quality. BUT......

Thats about the best way I've seen Durangos summed up. Always second place, good, but second place.

05-30-03, 10:13 PM
Mind you, they have one of the worst rollover ratings in SUVs (2 star if memory serves correct, maybe 3)

05-30-03, 10:21 PM
Mind you my father is not one of them fools who believe the word "Sport" in SUV. "Oh I got a SPORT UTLITY VECH. I can corner like that Vette just did" If he likes the car or truck he'll buy it. He is not one of them folks who believe nor follows what them reports say. He has no use for them reports......unless we got a shortage of toilet paper. :histeric:
And Kat... you are right about them backglass. I don't like that either,but I'm not the one buying the truck so if my dad is happy with the truck then cool.
Kinda wierd how he went from a GM man to a Dodge man(now got a Dakota and the Durango).
Where did I go wrong? :banghead:

05-31-03, 09:49 AM
That back glass drove me NUTS. I can't tell you how often I'm getting wood or something long at a store and just leaning it out the back window is real easy. Somehow, I just couldn't see me driving with the whole rear hatch open just to fit a couple long 2x4's in.
To be honest, I think the hatch is a borrowed unit from the mini-vans and I guess it's fine for soccer moms etc. but I use my truck as a TRUCK and need the utility of the rear glass opening.

05-31-03, 10:25 AM
Yeah I was talking to him about it last night and said the same thing. He said that since he still has the Dakota that the backglass issue doesn't bother him. The other reason it doesn't bother him is.......there is NO WAY IN HELL my mom would allow him to use the Durango to carry lumber. She has been bugging my father to buy a SUV or a car to use for travel and this is her SUV, she just allows him to drive it :D

06-02-03, 03:47 PM
Tell him to look at a good used V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. He shouldn't have any trouble off road, unless you get more than 20" of snow. (Our Jeep Wrangler got stuck before we got out of the driveway) They're not so reliable at first, but after a year or so you have no problems. If you want more towing/power, you go with chevy. But Chrysler has the best off road.

06-02-03, 05:28 PM
Ya gotta Dodge them Dodges! Well...I don't know much about the Durango..but my 2001 Dually only had about 12k miles on it & it needed a new tranny..plus alot of other bull crap. We got rid of it..but Dodge has problems with their trannies...just my 2 cents from experience!