: using factory emblem on Vertical Grille - E&G Classic

04-05-08, 12:27 PM
I bought an 04 ESV with a Vertical Grille - E&G Classic. it didn't have the emblems on it so I bought a set of factory emblems.

I was wondering how to mount them on the aftermarket grill. The emblems have sticky tape on them but I'm worried that wont hold them on.

Do I need anything else to put them on?


04-05-08, 05:12 PM
it will hold fine, mine is held on with the factory tape

04-06-08, 03:54 AM
I didnt not trust the the factory stick on tape.. Just for a ease of mine, you can go to lowes or home depot and buy some glue called gorilla glue. it comes in a small bottle and cost about 3 dollars and is very strong holding.