: MID engine NS

05-25-04, 12:18 PM
First time here. I'm building a mid engine car utilizing a 1995 Eclipse and a 2003 NS eng/trans. I'm in the final body sanding/painting stage. I utilized the front clip from a Deville and spliced it into the Eclipse. I'll have the radiator in the rear. I'm using the Electomotive TEC 3 and Powertrain solutions trans controller. It has a roof scoop and side scoops for the rear radiator. It looks pretty wild. It should go since the Eclipse is around 1200 pounds lighter.

05-25-04, 02:01 PM
WOW! Good luck! Finally there's a Japanese car that I want to drive! lol! Can't wait to see some pics!

05-25-04, 02:07 PM
Same here, can't wait for those pics! Exactly what section in the pics section could they be put into??!! LOL. :welcome:

05-25-04, 05:32 PM
Heres just a mock up i put together... seems to be kind of a cool match... no scoops though.

05-25-04, 08:15 PM

10-04-04, 08:07 AM

10-04-04, 07:08 PM
well thats diffrent but the good diffrrent. everyone is putting on body kits that you can buy at Autozone, C.A.P. or out of a catolog . thats good that u are trying a new approtch to it.

10-10-04, 04:14 AM
Who cares how it looks as long as its fast

Aweomse color and I like the headlights, think does not resemble an eclipse to me.

welcome to the site :welcome: