: PLEASE HELP!!! Stalling when warm and smoking alternator

04-04-08, 11:01 AM
I bought my Grandma's Cadillac last week and although I knew it had a few problems its been more than I bargained for. Its a 1994 Seville with the 4.6 Northstar. I bought it knowing it had a coolant leak and shot AC compressor. I could not drive the car far because the AC compressor was chewing itself up.

Well I put on a Delco Reman AC compressor, new radiator and all new hoses in the cooling and heating system. Finally got to drive it for a bit, ran good with a steady miss, and would die occasionally. Checked the plugs and wires and found 2 plugs carbon tracking and wrong plugs installed. After new plugs and wires at $150+ it ran like a champ. Took it out for a drive and about 30 minutes later after car was at normal operation temp it started stalling out whenever I came to a stop or coasting to a stop.

Took it back home and after popping the hood with it run running I immediately noticed smoke coming off the front side of the motor, took me 1/2 hour to determin the alternator was smoking, it is working properly and charging fine, but smokes and when I used a laser themo gauge on it the outside casing was about 280-300 degrees. I took the belt off and no more smoking, I spun the alt over by hand and spun like new. Any ideas?

Also the car stalls and dies only after reaching operating temp, though the alternator was causing it, but still does it after removing the belt. The motor cannot seem to catch itself soon enough and just dies like you turned the key off. No check engine light either. Did th usual tests, no current codes in the computer, good vaccum, good fuel pressure, good compression, etc...

So I was frustrated with it for a while and let it sit for a 1/2 hour and decided to put it in the garage, it would not start, or it would only run for a second or 2, so I had to push it in. Now this morning, it started fine and ran perfect, not missing a beat, alternator not smoking yet. Not until it warmed up and the same problems again.

Any help would be awesome, its a really nice car and I already have sunk a grand into it, to get me this far.


04-04-08, 06:13 PM
Check the battery and cables. Just guessing that maybe the alternator is working too hard to try and charge the battery or the cables are corroded causing too much resistance assuming that the bearing felt good as you seemed to indicate.