: Car lunges forward when tapping gas

04-04-08, 09:02 AM
I believe I saw a thread somewhere in the past about this but can't find it now.

When in bumper to bumper traffic I will tap the gas pedal then a second later I will tap it again then a second later I will tap it again. Then I will slowly coast without touching the gas but the car keeps that rhythm of lunging forward and giving the engine gas. I have to press the brake pedal for about two seconds to get the car to stop lunging.

Any ideas?


04-04-08, 12:34 PM
Idle surge. Any codes?? Not sure what all the tapping's about... K_C

04-04-08, 02:55 PM
Cleaning the throttle valve blade area and the idle air control valve & passages should provide some relief.

04-04-08, 07:01 PM

04-10-08, 10:11 AM
Located in the burbs of Chicago. When I am in stop and go traffic the tapping of the gas pedal is to keep crawling behind the next car in front of me. When coasting the car would continue to give gas to the engine at the same pattern that I was previously tapping the gas.

Any threads or links on this:
"Cleaning the throttle valve blade area and the idle air control valve & passages" ??


04-10-08, 11:56 AM
Sure is, do a search on TB or throttle body. Might as well learn how, comes in real handy figuring things out. Look in the tech tip forum and the tech archive as well. The tapping thing is unusual. Slight steady throttle pressure might be advised. Let the engine pull you along with minimal pedal pressure in those B/B situations. K_C

04-10-08, 07:27 PM
PM me your VIN

I know of a concern that that is similar to yours. I am not sure that it fits your car. I think it was early 02 only, but maybe late 01. It is a software problem.

04-10-08, 07:55 PM

04-10-08, 08:56 PM
New calibration to correct false setting of DTC P0327 and improve idle stability

I can't see a reprogram in the warranty history.
I will get a hold of you

04-23-08, 06:22 PM
my car does that too it's a 2001 , it hasn't done it in a while, i pulled the codes, but everything is fine
also do u know how i could remove the govenor on th car?