: GM family discount

05-30-03, 10:41 AM
Does anyone out there have a GM discount coupon they won't be needing. Well, I figure it is worth a try. I read on Car Connection's website that GM just put out 200,000 plus family/employee coupons that can be passed basically to anyone. I am trading my 2000 DeVille for a 03 Escalade EXT and that coupon equals roughly 4k off the top.

05-30-03, 01:07 PM
After that comment, I'm guessing that IF someone has one, they'll be looking for some CASH for it ;)

05-30-03, 06:05 PM
compensation is not a problem.

05-31-03, 10:51 AM
In that case, check eBay...

05-31-03, 02:32 PM
I just don't trust EBay. If I can't see it or touch it, forget it. I'm going to get it Monday or Tuesday with or without. Thanks anyway.