: DMH Electric Exhaust Cutouts on Corsa Cat Back

04-03-08, 02:06 AM
Just had DHM e-cutouts installed today on a corsa cat back. I know when I was researching this specific install I couldn't find any info/pics. Here are a few shots while it was still on the rack.

So far, great...Good mounting spot just aft of the cats/02 sensors. Seal well, quality product. The s/c whine and these beasts, sound nasty in concert! Just what I wanted...

04-03-08, 02:28 AM
Do they leak at all? I almost want to put my stock exhaust back on and just put on some cutouts! Loud when I want it and quiet when I want it.

04-03-08, 02:39 AM
Where did you get the cutouts and how much?

04-03-08, 06:19 AM

mrocha, Why did your installer tap straight in instead of using the "flow pipe" adapter? Just curious cuz it looks like the install WITH them is a piece of cake. The way yours was done, while trick as hell looking, can't be done as easily in the driveway!!

Any smell / sound leak when closed?

04-03-08, 12:48 PM
No leak at all...No smell. To answer pmtom1, these cutouts are DMH's low profile units which don't lower the clearance of the exhaust system. Yes, they were from DMH performance...Give 'ol Dave a call! His website doesn't show the low pro units, but click this link to see some better pics. If anyone puts them on, make sure you follow the instructions and let them heat and cool fully before opening the 1st time. This seats them properly.


04-03-08, 03:34 PM
I like those! I have been looking at cut-outs for a while now, those look very clean and I like the low profile. I still have stock exhaust on the car, this is a good option. post some sound bits and keep us posted if you have any issues.
Did you tune the car once you installed those?

04-26-12, 10:48 AM
How did you run the switch?