View Full Version : Craziest people you know...

05-25-04, 04:24 AM
I dunno about the rest of you here, but my friends are just crazy. One night out of no where, my guy John Quincy Adams calls me while im sleeping at 3am being like "Jake, whatup (explicit), I'm in Hawaii. I'm in the middle of a louau, and theres like 10 naked (explicit) around me. Damn Jacob, I wish you pick up the phone" Crazy, huh. Out of no where hes like, "I'm in Hawaii" Anybody got crazy friends? Apparently, my friends are the one sthat say I'm crazy!

05-26-04, 02:59 AM
I'm a senior in HS, so my friends can't be that crazy. The closest to "I'm in hawaii" I've gotten was "I'm in Juarez." It sucks having to give someone a ride back from Juarez, it took $110 in gas round trip in the Caddy.

05-26-04, 07:25 AM
There's a kid i know who's completely obsessed with be, but he has a chemical imbalance, worships hitler and is incredibly racist. Don't know if that qualifys...

05-26-04, 07:03 PM
One night I convinced my friends to drive down to Hunts Point and look for the hookers from the HBO special, not to pick up just to see if they really exist. Hunts Point really isn't the place for three white kids at 2am. We're so pathetic we couldn't find any hookers, let alone the HBO ones.

I guess I come up with the craziest ideas, but rarely follow through, I can't get in any trouble with the cops because I'm getting hired by them, any arrests would mess that up big time.

05-26-04, 08:40 PM
i'm also a senior in HS and among playing video games and other "fun activities" :eyebrow: while cutting is going to central park in manhattan and running away from the cops by going through forests and climbing small cliffs :shhh: