: Wiring Help in 06 Escalade..

04-02-08, 07:27 PM
Here is the problem. My brother had thrown a screw in my cig lighter thing and it sparked and started smoking and was horrible experience. Now that everything has settled down and I had some spare time I took apart the center console and it appears that the 2 wires from the cigarette lighter merge into a cluster of wires. Now it appears that this wiring section breaks off and connects to the amp for the radio, some other connection right under the cup holders and then it runs deep into the dash. Well I took all of my installs out of the vehicle however when i turn the truck on I am still getting smoke as if the wires are heating up... i was wondering if anyone knows what this wiring is for or how i might be able to get to it all or if anyone has any idea if this kind of incident would be warrantied if i brought it to the dealer.. thanks for any input.