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04-02-08, 03:45 PM
I have been at the dealership almost every month since I bought the car. First it was this weird shake from the front driver wheel well that sounded like something big hitting the side, almost at the same time the engine check light turned on. I took it to the dealership and they replaced the front bumper lower rubber thing for some f-in reason?! and then told me that was the problem which seems impossible. As soon as I drove away I noticed the shaking was still there. A week later the light came on again and I took it to the dealership to handle the shaking and the light again. This time they told me it was my cat and they don't know what was wrong with it, the shaking they said was a faulty stabilizer link or something - they ordered the stabilizer part and told me not to worry about the cat, but if the problem continued they will order me a new cat. 2 weeks later they got the stabilizer link in and replaced it and the problem was exactly the same, as soon as I drove off the lot the light came on again and the shaking was still terrible (by now the shaking sounded like metal hitting against metal in a really loose sound (like if you stick a bolt in metal can and shake it around)), I told them and they ordered in a new cat. I also told them that they didn't fix shit with the shaking AGAIN so they said they will take a look at it when they are putting in my cat.

Everytime I go to the dealership
1st I go in to show the problem - They order parts (I end up walking around downtown without reason because they say it will be 2-3 hours and I live 45 minutes away so there is no point in going home)

2nd - I go in to install part - walk around like a retard again for 2-3 hours.
So pretty much every 2 weeks since I bought my car I walk around downtown for 2-3 hours :gah:
What should I do???

04-02-08, 03:55 PM
I haven't experienced anything like this but was wondering if contacting GM directly would help? I know the couple of things I've done with them (e.g. warranty registration) they were very helpful; however, I wasn't in the predicament you are in.

Keep us posted.

04-02-08, 04:03 PM
how big a city is victoria, is there another caddy dealer in town you could go to? even if you didn't buy it from them, a lot of dealers will treat you right because they want your future business.

04-02-08, 04:09 PM
No its the only one. The other one is in vancouver and it takes over a $100 to take the ferry there and back.