: Help with video installation question-2004 Escalade Ext

04-02-08, 12:03 PM

We have a Visualogic A1000 installed system in our 2004 Escalade EXT. I am trying to trouble shoot the system and locate the A/V Control Module, so we can try to hook up a game system or dvd player to see if we can use as AUX. I am having difficulty finding the Control Box, its hidden so well. Any suggestions on where you would install one?

04-02-08, 12:53 PM
I would check under center console compartment, under front seats, or I have a tv tuner in my truck wich is under passenger side floor! Little compartment under ther that can hold a lot! Anywhere inside center console would be my Guess to start looking! Lots of space in there also! Good Luck!

04-03-08, 07:49 AM
Any advise on how to get into those areas to start looking. I dont see any visable means of removal?