: My eBay woes

04-01-08, 08:12 PM
Sorry, this is kinda long. I recently bought a new radio off eBay for my car. Mine only had AM/FM stereo and it worked well, but I really wanted a factory cassette player, so I found one out of an '88 deVille for $35. The seller described it as "functional and tested before being pulled".

I recieved my radio and it looks really good. The screen and buttons are very clean with not a scratch anywhere on it. I pulled out my old radio and put the new radio in. Easy enough job, only took me 10 minutes. I turn it on and to my dismay, the sound is extremely distorted out the right side speakers and the tape player was making some weird noises. I know its not the speakers because I just replaced them and they worked great with the old radio. I did a little research and found this is actually a very common problem with all GM/Delco radios of this time period. I already sent it to a company in Florida that will repair it for $50-70 depending on how fried the boards actually are.

Anyway, I logged back on to my eBay account to leave feedback for the guy. I left a neutral feedback because it did work as he said, but not in the right manner. My feedback read "Radio worked but not right. No sound from right side and cassette player damaged." In my opinion, that was a very mild feedback and with it being neutral it didn't even count against him.

This is the negative feedback he left for me. "sent him a second radio and says that did not work! he is full of shit! fraud!" And this is the reply to the neutral feedback I left him "sent a free 2nd radio! still wants refund!!! fraud!!!!!! ebayers!!!!! deadbeat!!" I saw this a nearly punched my computer. He did not send me a second radio and he did not offer to let me return/exchange it. I didn't even mention that I wanted a new radio or a refund because I was happy with the one I had, it just needed to be fixed.

After looking through some of this guy's other responses to neutral/negative feedback, I have come to the conclusion that he is honestly retarded. Every single one of them says something like "fraud!!! deadbeat!!!! beware!!!!" Anyway, does anybody have any experience with getting negative feedback removed? There has to be a way to get rid of it because of the swear in it. I am pretty sure that is against eBay policy somewhere. I looked around eBay for a good half-hour and came up with nothing. I know there is the mutual agreement thing where seller and buyer can agree to remove feedback, but I am convinced this guy is gonna be a jackass to deal with.

04-01-08, 08:26 PM
see if this link helps, http://pages.ebay.com/help/feedback/index.html if not find the live help button. some sellers treat their feedback like money. u probably should have talked to him before leaving neutral feedback.

04-01-08, 11:48 PM
There will always be losers on ebay. Cut your losses and forget about him.
BTW, I only leave positive feedback. If I am not happy with a seller, I write to them, tell them how lousy they are, and dont leave any feedback at all. It isnt worth the hassle.

04-01-08, 11:51 PM
Im not real familiar with how it all works but I think I read about how you can wait till the time to post feedback is about to expire, write the negative feedback and then by the time the person reads it, its to late for them to post back about you.

Not sure if its true but you may want to check on it.

Im a vindictive mofo.

04-02-08, 12:08 AM
I never leave feedback until 1.) the transaction is to my satisfaction and 2.) I've already been left positive feedback. It did come in handy once -- the dealer I bought my Concours from ended up paying for 1/2 of my new A/C as it went out on the way home and I "sort of" ;-) held his feedback hostage.

He was pretty nice and might have helped me anyway, but I didn't want to take the chance...

I would always email the seller first, though, before leaving negative -- so that they can have a chance to fix the problem.

04-02-08, 01:52 PM
I'm surprised that with all the stolen accounts and regular rip offs, that Ebay hasn't been it's own undoing. Anymore it's not a matter of if you get ripped off when buying there, only when.

04-02-08, 02:21 PM
The best thing about Ebay is that it allows thieves to get a much better price for their stolen merchandise. Because the process crosses so many jurisdictions and prosecution is so cumbersome, law enforcement has given the whole deal a pass. The opportunities for mischief by both buyer and seller are limitless.

04-02-08, 08:10 PM
I would always email the seller first, though, before leaving negative -- so that they can have a chance to fix the problem.

That's always been my practice as well, and what I hope for when I sell things. Still, however, had one negative feedback against me for a grille surround I sold that the shipping company dented...and rather than contact me and explain, just left the negative feedback blaming it on me and never responded to any of my further pleasant contact I tried to send and remedy it.

Ebay is a funny place, just like anything on the internet, and full of "you never know whats".