: STS Engine installed IMPECCABLE JOB!!!

05-24-04, 11:43 PM
Last time I posted I blew the engine on my STS. I found a very reputable repair/salvage shop that picked up the car from my driveway,installed not one but TWO used engines and then returned the car to my driveway via careful flatbed for 2500.00. The shop manager called me about two weeks ago and said he installed the first engine and it ran very well but the DIC said it was running hot-in excess of 240F. He probed the coolant and found exhaust gasses in them-head gaskets bad. He finds me another 9 code engine with 69,000 miles and does the install again and keeps the car for 3 days until he is completely satisfied that its spot on 100% right,then returns it. Being the pessimest I am I already scoped out a local dealer and he let me take home a 1998 Deville with 70,000 on it OVERNIGHT with plans to immediately trade in the STS because lets face it, it should be an abortion by now-- Right????. Guess what,the STS runs spot on PERFECTO and quite honestly will run rings around the 98 Deville and outhandle it easily. And it does. I am a PICKY PICKY person. I can not believe how the car looks completely untouched under the hood and my beige leather interior and steering wheel have NO GREASE whatsoever on them. No fender scratches,no stripped or burred bolts/nuts. No oil leaks, no service codes, and with 108 test miles so far 14.9 mpg. Clen new oil/filter and anti freeze, all fluids topped up and clean. The only thing I am a little wtchful over is the voltage is about 12.9-13.1 with a load on it. I guess its okay. But overall a VERY VERY nice job from Grant Auto Salvage in Easton PA.

05-25-04, 09:54 AM
Glad to hear you got it running.

05-25-04, 10:07 AM
Well if it runs so good now, keep it! After having fun in an STS, a cushy Deville is no fun!

05-25-04, 02:49 PM
Glad to hear you kept it and got it back together again.

Still speaking to me after the bum advice....???? Sorry about that. That was the reason to look into the oil filter for particles before flogging it.....oh well. I really do not like it when someone has a major failure like that regardless of what should or shouldn't have been done.

Did you pull the old engine apart to find out what failed and/or any chance of getting the broken parts to look at?? Lower end failures on those engines are almost non-existent (yea, right, he says....LOL) so it would be interesting to see what came apart like that. Had the engine ever been repaired before or had a problem with an injector sticking or anything that could possibly have hydrostatically locked it momentarily and damaged a rod or piston earlier in it's life???

It is nice when a shop does a reputable job and gets it right. Thanks for posting the positive news.

05-25-04, 04:48 PM
Hey not only that I even have a new question for ya Bbob. I think this motors alternator is right on the fringe of crapping out. With the air on and the headlights on when I am stopped I am seeing like 12.3 or so. I charged the battery which is a diehard gold 775 CCA, I even tried out a new 7 year Delco today and that was worse. Like 11.7 volts so thats out. I don't recall what my other motor charged at. Anyway how hard and/or how much to change an alternator (where the heck is it) for an STS???

05-25-04, 09:33 PM
I would say that it is time for an alternator. Was that the original one from your car or the one from the replacement engine? The car will not last long at all with the generator not charging as the battery will only run the systems for 20 minutes or so....so it is best to react to a low charging level.

Look thru the right front wheel well. Remove the tire and wheel and the plastic splash panels. The alternator is right in front of you. You will also want to remove the plastic splash panel between the radiator support and the engine cradle for access. It is tight but definitely doable as many others can attest.

Just remember to disconnect the negative battery terminal before you start poking around the generator least you learn more about welding than you want.....

05-26-04, 10:38 AM
john, check your possitive terminal, it must be clean and very tight or you will have big trouble,

05-26-04, 11:00 AM
Good point. Check ALL the terminals and the chassis end of the ground wires.

05-26-04, 09:37 PM
I cleaned and checked everything and i am charging steasy at 13.2-13.5 so I am just going to forget about the alternator that may crap out. For now its okay. Now the service ride control shows I need an accelorlomter. 217.00 Oh well can't turn back now.