: desperate for fix in toledo

03-31-08, 11:02 PM
i had my 2001 seville sls non bose, has unused onstar, in to put a new kenwood xdc492 hu in and run wires for my sub box. needless to say they completely botched the job. dash flashing,chipped center console, door locks not working,key fob not working, door lock buttons along with window buttons stay lit all the time. killed battery in two days. they said i didn't need the gmos-06. but after install they said that i do need it and it will cost me another 200 dollars to put one in. i don't trust them anymore
basically my question is, is there anyone in ohio or michigan near toledo that knows how to wire this thing up correctly? i am willing to trade my basically new fender american standard strat with hardshell case for someone to come around and make it right.
any takers? please delete post if this is out of line. i am a noob who is desperate. thanks

03-31-08, 11:06 PM
contact kasabeer at hotmail.com PLEASE!!!!!!!!

03-31-08, 11:23 PM
ill do it for almost free if you bring the car to me in Pittsburgh Pa.....

04-01-08, 12:19 AM
i have read probably three hundred posts on this forum trying to find answers to my woes and you seem to be the one everybody refers to if they have an issue. at this point i am ready to drive the four hours just to get this mess cleaned up the right way. i will definitely be in contact regarding this. i appreciate the fast response. this forum is incredibly helpful, and i seemed to know more about what needed to be done than the installers.

04-01-08, 08:14 AM
no prob
lemme know

04-01-08, 10:50 AM
i might be farting in the wind here but, has anybody ever taken clowns like these to small claims court? i receive free legal services through work so the cost isn't an issue. i was wondering if i can recoup for the damages for a new rewire , new center console and inconvenience of leaving my back seat out so i can disconnect my battery whenever i turn off the car?

04-01-08, 05:35 PM
you can try
but wheres your proof that they did it...

04-01-08, 07:37 PM
well i decided to try the legal route, with a lawyer contacting them to try and scare them into submission. i would like for them to pay the costs of a fix at the dealership. i have nothing to lose really since i will no go back there for any more work, even if they offer to fix it for free. i don't want sugar in my gas tank.