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03-31-08, 10:02 AM
Has anyone whom bought a GM product noticed as of late the following?

GM has $10B in negative working capital, has not been profitable for three years, and is partially shut down due to a supplier strike. This is happening at a time when the car selling cycle is headed downward and competition is fierce. Not a pretty scenario.

c5 rv
03-31-08, 10:31 AM
My understanding is that the GM layoffs due the the American Axle strike have mainly impacted vehicles that have a large unsold inventory. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some fine print in the GM-UAW contract that makes layoffs caused by a UAW action, even at a supplier, much less expensive for GM. I think this AAM strike and resulting layoffs at GM are more of a blessing than a curse. In the past, when there have been supplier labor problems that have hurt GM, GM leaned heavily on the parties involve and the problems were quickly resolved.

03-31-08, 10:57 PM
It was my understanding that GM was the only one of the big 3 who showed a profit in 2007.

Night Wolf
04-01-08, 12:19 AM
I actually don't own a GM :(

04-01-08, 11:19 AM
I actually don't own a GM :(

That's it, you're off the forums! :thepan:

04-01-08, 11:26 AM
I actually don't own a GM :(