View Full Version : Cadillac CPO & Canada

c5 rv
03-31-08, 08:26 AM
A guy on another forum is looking for a nice AWD crossover for his wife. I recommended a CPO SRX. A couple of questions:

- Is there a Cadillac CPO program in Canada? I see Saturn and Saab CPO programs on the gm.ca website, but no Cadillac.

- Does the U.S. Cadillac CPO program cover cars owned and serviced in Canada? Given the currency valuations, it may be a good deal for him to buy a CPO Caddy in the U.S. and take it to Canada - if there is full warranty coverage.

03-31-08, 04:50 PM
GM will honor the warranty, but buying a car in the states and bringing it to Canada is a bit of a problem, it has to be brought up to so called Transport Canada Standards, a stronger bumper, DRL, and metric speedo, this applies even if the car is new, TC has a website that lists the vehicles that can be brought it, usually Caddies are not a problem, as they are usually better built and have the dual speedo already in them. Happy Hunting