: What do you all think of these GMPP cams

03-31-08, 01:35 AM
Ok i was readin through an old book of mine, and found a few cams they suggested

12565308 (I think this is my stock cam)

.550"intake and exhasut lift-218 degree exhaust duration, and 204 degree intake duration at .050, and 117.5 degree lobe centers. Z06-Specific Higher Lift Camshaft As the intake air comes through the manifolds in greater volume, it is important for the air to enter the combustion chamber as quickly as possible to produce power. The LS6 engine has a camshaft that has higher lift lobes than the LS1, resulting in a 5 percent increase in airflow through the cylinder chamber.

12480033 (Hot cam)

LS1 camshaft (218/227 .525/.525 112 )

88958606 ( supposedly showroom stock cam)

This hydraulic roller camshaft is designed by the GM Racing Division for road racing applications in the Grand-Am series. Serious duration and lift will require that the piston to valve clearance be checked as well as major PCM modifications. For best torque, install the intake centerline at 105; for best power install at 107. GM recommends lightweight valves and valve springs from the 2002-03 LS6 engine for use with this camshaft.

Cam Specs:
Advertised Duration Int - 294 Exh - 306
Dur. @ 0.050" Int - 239 Exh - 251
Lift w/1.7 Int 0.570" Exh 0.570"
LSA 106

03-31-08, 04:57 PM

Get something custom spec'd, rather than a fit's all fits none.

That hot cam ain't so hot, but that grand-am on is fluckin' MONSTER. That thing would suck balls on the street.

I got my cam spec'd by Patrick G. It should go in next week :D (been habing scheduling issues getting it installed).