: new car smell

03-29-08, 06:52 PM
how do I get ride of the new car smell.....in my x5 the leather was kind of nice, but the glue/carpet and plastic smell in the new escalade makes everybody sick and gives my wife and kids a headache. i personally like the smell of new cars, but have to admit that this car smells extremely new.

Any suggestions or ideas??


03-29-08, 07:35 PM
Time is your only ally. You could try some coffee beans in a permiable bag underneath the seats. Leave the windows open at night to let the interior breathe.

I recall reading an article about the chemicals and volatile carriers that cause the new car smell actually being bad for you health. :alchi:

03-30-08, 12:38 AM
Wow, they must have spilled some glue in your lade at the factory, because mine smells like sweet leather. Never noticed new smell being annoying. Maybe some dryer sheets under the seats. Or fabreeze?

03-30-08, 01:45 AM
Cook the car in the hot sun as often as you can. Leave the windows open an inch or so. New car smell doesn't last long here in LA.

03-30-08, 12:39 PM
This may sound wierd, but it could be some kind of sealant or protectant(sp?) stuff used at the dealership. Last year, I bought a new GMC van where my good friend is a salesman and he told me that he had them do all of the high profit add-on paint and interior protection stuff at no extra cost. Well, I appreciated it, but the interior had a sickening smell and not the new car smell. It lasted for almost two weeks. I left the windows down whenever possible and it eventually got better.


03-31-08, 09:22 AM
My BMW's and Benz smells no different than my Escalade's, maybe it's the Zaino leather in a bottle that does it, shameful plug. ;)

04-01-08, 12:09 AM
My BMW's and Benz smells no different than my Escalade's, maybe it's the Zaino leather in a bottle that does it, shameful plug. ;)

All I can say is WOW. That's almost as bad as bible sales outside a church. haha:histeric:

04-01-08, 01:07 AM
I am driving with the windows open....my x5 doesn't smell this bad and never did.....must be the cheap plastic. The special treatment option mentioned above is now sold for 795 but they can "placticise" your vehicle for a deal 650...no thanks...same as the no thanks to the 1295 lo jack....is this not where you pay 399 per year for onstar for?? Smell is getting better....but it is kind of crazy that I have to drive with the windows open in a 79+k car! I guess now a days if you buy above a 150K (merc) you will only smell the leather fumes.....

By the way I read that the fumes (smells) in new cars are very toxic!!! Not so good with a 9 months old baby in the back ( and I thought she was tired......maybe she was "intoxicated" by escalade!!)

04-01-08, 07:55 AM
Out gassing fumes have toxic things in them, in a test that the EPA did a few years back Euro cars tested worse than cars built in the US. If I can dig up the report I will post it.

04-01-08, 07:51 PM
I have not had the slightest problem with smells or fumes in my '07, other than human exhaust of course...

04-02-08, 01:32 PM
I have not had the slightest problem with smells or fumes in my '07, other than human exhaust of course...


Someone should invent automatic roll down windows for that! :histeric:

04-02-08, 02:29 PM
i like the smell of any new car because after about 6 months my cars smell like ass because of the ciggs, kids, happy meals & diapers so i enjoy that smell while it lasts lol..........but my aunt has that problem of getting sick from the new car smell & some cars are worse for her then others.

04-02-08, 10:00 PM
yea i had the same problem when I first got my escalade I did everything to get rid of it (drove with the windows open, used air fresheners,..etc.) even after 11 months nothing has worked I still have the smell. Even after leaving some chinese food accidently in the truck for an entire night. Its pretty cool but at the same time annoying because its so strong. I have a BMW 750li and a Bentley Flying Spur both have this awesome leather smell thats incredible. IDk why the escalade has this smell.

04-20-08, 05:27 PM
I've been trying to find a way to clean up those plastic seat tracks on the floor of the cargo area. They really take a beating and common household cleaners can't touch it. The other day I tried some lacquer thinner on a small spot and it worked. After a few minutes, all 3 pieces look like brand new (cashmere interior).

Yes, lacquer thinner is a very strong solvent. It can dissolve some plastics and it will ruin your paint job in 2 seconds. But it works very well on this particular type of plastic. If you're skeptical, try it on a very small spot. You might want to use nitrile gloves. And don't spill it on your carpet!