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05-24-04, 10:11 AM
Any suggestion of products that will keep the white walls looking clean? Inexpensive if possible

05-24-04, 11:42 AM

Westley's Bleach-White spray W.W. Tire Cleaner
Stiff long handle scrubbing brush, found in mop isle.
Spray on plentifully and wait 2 minutes. Scrub off.

Vogue W.W.s on the other hand are downright impossible!
They use a different WW application (or something) and getting (and keeping) them clean is harder than waxing 2 cars!! They sell a very expensive VOGUE WW tire cleaner. It's like $7.00 for enough to clean 6 tires. It smells like Westley's, (allthough they say it isn't) ... BUT it doesn't work AS GOOD as Westley's. :banghead:

05-24-04, 07:27 PM
Ive got Vogues in the back and I just use Eagle One A2Z tire and wheel cleaner....they look very white to me.

05-24-04, 08:48 PM
Westleys bleach is the best.

05-25-04, 10:44 AM
Westleys bleach is the best.
Westleys it is !!!

05-27-04, 02:13 AM
yeah westley's works great on whitewalls,but i have found something else that makes the white wall as bright as when you got them,go to any supermarket, and look for the mr.clean magic eraser, cheap and very effective product, do the white walls first with the westley's then just get a cup or small bucket of water and go over the white wall with the magic eraser, scrub really hard and the left over yellow tint look on the white walls becomes pure white, very good product for your house as well,give it a try,lemme know your results.

05-27-04, 02:59 PM
Along with Bleech White, Brillo pads work great too, especially on curb scuffs.

Dead Sled
05-27-04, 07:56 PM
Bleach White does wonders, thats my vote

05-27-04, 08:38 PM
I love those Erasers.....the best automotive detail tool

05-28-04, 01:43 PM
Try carb cleaner. An old detail guy steered me to this and it works like magic!

05-28-04, 03:34 PM
Brillo pads work great because they don't eat the whitewall like bleach does.

Fleetwood Blaq
05-31-04, 12:25 PM
I've also found that Purple Power works extremely well also.

Caddy Man
05-31-04, 01:10 PM
i have vogue tyres on my towncar and i use westleys bleach white and for the whitewall i use a stiff bristeles brush. u gotta put some effort into gettin them clean, but after i get done with those tires, they dont just LOOK white, u can go all the way up and there is not one spec of dirt anywhere.

06-01-04, 08:08 AM
I tried the Westleys Bleach white and the magic eraser this weekend and my white walls clean as a whistle. Thanks everyone for the advice...