: eibach

03-28-08, 06:38 PM
Does everyone with the Eibach lowering springs get the Suspension warning on the dash of the 07 escalade?

Does any one know of any lowring springs that dont cause this problem?

03-28-08, 10:18 PM
reply fellow owners

03-29-08, 09:04 AM
I have several customers with lowering springs and have no warning issues, you have to adjust the rods supplied with the kit so even though it's lower the truck still thinks it's at the stock height.

03-30-08, 06:11 PM
thanks hcvone your customers are using the eibach springs?
do you sell them?

03-31-08, 08:55 AM
No we only sell car care items, but at least two customers are using Eibach without problems

04-02-08, 12:22 AM
ok thanks