: head gasket

03-28-08, 12:30 PM
so my head went today anyone know a good place to go in the new york area to get them done the right way

roger greeb
03-30-08, 12:13 PM
HA!!! not laughin at ya..just with ya...come to tulsa ok. hell,,,no one reputble will even touch a caddy n , major rebuilders laugh at me then continue to cuss cad engineers ,,,is there a "rite way?" not to hear these guys argue about it..with this u just roll the dice...o u can spend a couple grand on tools that u'll never use again...and still spend a couple grand to overhaul it...and do it yourself..go figure that one....good luck..im in the same boat

lenny lincoln
04-02-08, 01:32 PM
Go buy and install a used running motor and sell the car.:thumbsup:

04-02-08, 02:10 PM
Go buy and install a used running motor and sell the car.:thumbsup:
That makes no sense at all. A couple of days work and a Timesert kit and the engine is better than it ever was. Any number of amateurs, with the help of the forum has done the repair themselves and have been more than happy with the results. if you choose to consider yourself some kind of victim, throw your skirts over your head and run, you deserve whatever you get. If you choose to consider it a learning experience and a developement of character you'll come out a winner.

Timeserts in a Northstar is nowhere near as tricky as setting valve clearances in a 1949 flathead Ford V8.

04-05-08, 06:28 PM
dkoz im with you on that...i still havent confirmed an HG leak as of yet but if thats the case ....i think im gonna give it a shot my self..summers around the corner!