: 08 ESV Standard Vehicle Price?

03-28-08, 09:49 AM
Hello All,

New guy here who bought an 08 2WD ESV on Saturday. I found one on my local dealers website that I liked. It was black with the luxury package with the 22's ($7,735) and power running boards($1,095). The total price with $900 destination charge was $68,220, the base price was $58,490. When I got to the dealer, someone had already put a deposit on it but the sales lady said that she could find me another one just like it. We made a deal and I put a deposit down and she said she would call me when she found it.

Later that day she called and said that she found one at another dealer but it also had the rear entertainment system and that it would be an additional $895 if I was willing, otherwise she would keep searching. I told her that I'd take it. I knew that option was $1,895 so I thought that this one didn't have the power running boards.

I went in and signed the papers Wednesday morning and then went to leave and I noticed it had both the power running boards and the rear entertainment system. After I got home I was looking at the window sticker and the base price was $57,485, that's $1005 less than what the other 08's had on their window stickers, the Cadillac website and Edmunds.com. Anyone know how I got lucky?


03-28-08, 10:43 AM
Check the build date on your vehicle because the 08s that are build earlier in the year have a cheaper MSRP than the ones that have an older build date. It is usually at least $500 cheaper, depends on how old the build date it.

03-28-08, 11:45 AM
It was built in December 2007.


03-29-08, 02:23 PM
I hope you got at least 8% off of the msrp!! I got a 67,815 for under 62K

03-29-08, 04:30 PM
Sounds like you got a great deal.:highfive:

I didn't do that well. I made my offer based on Edmunds.com true market value for my area and just stuck with it.

Did yours have the lower base price too?