: 07 nav unit in 06 and older

03-28-08, 12:07 AM
Will a 07 escalade or a Hummer navigation unit work in a 06-03 lux escalde has anyone tried this? thanks.

03-28-08, 01:43 AM
Not to my knowledge.

Why do you ask?

Seems to me it would be a PITA to accomplish/install as it is a completely differnt unit.

03-28-08, 07:13 AM
I found a wrecked ext in a salvage yard and saw the unit and I was browsing ebay and came across a listing for one for 08 hummer and it says will work in but I wasnt sure.

03-28-08, 07:41 AM
I don't think it can be done because of the way the new trucks system works, ask GM Geek he would know. :)

03-28-08, 01:39 PM
Thanks for all the reply guys and this is a great site.

03-28-08, 10:00 PM
Are the 07-08 hummers using a new style nav system like the 07 Escalade? There is no way you will get an 07 system to work in an older truck.. it is completely different and requires completely different programming/computers, etc..(The 07 radios are highly integrated into the vehicles other systems wheras the older styles were not as much) Not to mention even wiring it up or installing it in the dash!!

But if the newer hummers are still using the old nav systems (which they may be because the hummer hasn't changed body styles yet like the escalade did).. then you may be able to use one of those..

03-28-08, 10:22 PM
The 07 hummer radio looked like the 06 escalade touch screen and I think I heard from someone that it should work I saw one installed in a black ext for sale on ebay but I dont know what mods he had to do.

03-29-08, 05:57 PM
If the 07 Hummer radio looks like the 06 Escalade radio it should work the same.. there are only two styles of the "older" nav radio.. the ones that are made for luxury audio systems, like escalades, denalis, hummers, etc..

and the non-lux systems for trailblazers, envoys, etc.. it looks the same but the two are not interchangeable...

chances are the hummer one is the same as the escalade one...