: catera interia floor carpet

03-27-08, 12:36 AM
Just picked up a 97 with 84,447 miles for $2900. Previous owner just put major work into it after it was sitting for over a year. Only problem now is I can't find a replacement carpet. The thing is a mess. Looks like grease all over the drivers side. Anyone know if the Cimarron or CTS carpets will fit?

Po Pimp
03-27-08, 01:53 AM
Unless you find some in a junkyard you are probably not going to find it at all. Over 4 years the Catera had pretty low production numbers so a lot of aftermarket things like carpet have simply never been picked up because they will not see that much of a profit vs. cost they put in. They do still sell all the leather replacements for the car but the mark up on them is ridiculous, plus they can make to order in a resonable time period.

Car carpets or at least in this case are molded carpet. Neither the cimarron or CTS have the same floor pans so they will not fit. Some european car manufactures use to use multiple piece carpet arrangements. That actually would be possible in this car but probably expensive since it would be custom and it would have to be done by a professional.

Sorry. I am in the same boat as you. I have been hunting for awhile now. I have a couple sploches on the driver's side floor. Nothing bad but kind of anoying when everything else inside looks great. There are some aftermarket floor mats I have seen that look like they cover the entire floor board, at least in the front. You can even get logos...etc...on them so that may be an option for the time being if it drives you crazy looking at it.