: Vacation time

03-26-08, 10:50 PM
Well it is that time again.

Taking a few days off.
I'll try to get on sometime this weekend but going to visit family for a special occasion. ;)
If anyone is looking for me let them know.

Hope you all have a good one.
Have an AA flight in the morn, was cancelled but I got another one... 3 HOURS EARLIER!!

It'll be okay but not exactly the start I was looking for.

Have fun kids... I know I will!

03-26-08, 10:59 PM
Cool. I've got a semi-vacation this weekend too. Flying to Portland early Friday morning, picking up a rental car and driving the 45 minutes to Hood River where I've got a written and physical exam for the local PD. Hoping for the best...
Sticking around for most of the weekend to explore and see what I can find in the area, maybe going to meet up with gdwriter if he's got the time.
Coming home Saturday night to the wife and planning on getting up early on Sunday and spending most of the day working on the Challenger.
New job starts monday morning at Sacramento Airport.

03-27-08, 06:59 AM
Make sure to check your flights early.

They cancelled my flight that the rescheduled me on after they cancelled my flight!
Fortunately my wife had the luck of changing the flights in the middle of the night because she didn't want the early flight times. She made them put us on another carrier and those flights look like they are golden.

I hate traveling.
Hope you have a great weekend Spyder!
I didn't want to spoil the surprise but tomorrow is actually my 40th birthday.
I am already getting some cool presents :)

Gotta go soon... wish me luck... weather doesn't look good and I hate flying.
Not sure how I'll do. Usually I like to see the ground but today I think it will just be clouds... which usually freaks me out a little.
Not sure why.. maybe because I am deathly afraid of heights? Being 5 miles up and not being able to see the ground makes me nervous for some reason :lol:

03-28-08, 06:32 PM
take care Bill
happy birthday
and enjoy a VERY well deserved vacation!
hope everything goes well and hopefully things pan out