: 6 Disc Changer

03-26-08, 05:07 PM
Dear Cadillac Enthusiasts,

I have a 98 Seville STS with the 6 disc changer in the console. Lately, it has been skipping quite a bit. Cleaning the CDs thoroughly helps, and I have run a cleaner disc in there. Upon inspection, my CDs are slightly scratched, but the in dash CD player doesn't seem effected. Are there any remedies short of replacing the unit? Sometimes, also, the unit gets tripped up on loading a new CD such that it displays CD changer error, and I remove the cartridge and replace, which sometimes does the trick. I think though that the problem is that it cannot get started reading the CD because of a scratch.

Thanks, Alan

03-26-08, 05:47 PM
i would guess its the scratch on the cd. I would clean them with wax, or take them to a cd cleaning shop.