: Leather Peeled - IS there some kind of paste that you can apply

03-26-08, 01:42 PM
I've a black Escalade with beige interior.

I pulled something that was sticking to the seat and peeled off the top layer of the leather (i.e., small piece). Do you have any recommendations to fixed/blend it?

I went to autozone and they had some kind of paint that you needed to mix to match the color and apply it to the seat with some kind of heating instrument.

Is there something easier then what they have?



03-26-08, 01:56 PM
Look in the phone book for a local interior shop, would provide the best repair. :)

03-27-08, 12:56 PM
good call hcvone. If you are looking for easy, leave it alone. If you are looking to bring it back to its OE condition I would take it somewhere to get fixed.

03-27-08, 03:01 PM
I have seen too many of those "repair products" on late at night, and they make more mess than anything, some of the local interior shops do great work.

03-28-08, 01:19 PM
ok thanks for the advice.