: Wanted: Air intake thing

03-26-08, 10:36 AM
Hello, when I took out my engine I broke this peice. While pulling on the vacuum line, the plastic peice broke off and is still connected to the vacuum line. Does anyone have this piece, or do they know a local junk yard where I can find one? (I live west of Minneapolis)

Or, does anyone know if I need this vacuum line hooked up? Will the car still run okay without it?


before anyone yells at me, I spent twenty minutes trying to find the classified section and when I found it, I couldn't figure out how to post a thread. I apologize for posting this here.

03-28-08, 05:19 AM
Thats a vacuum tank and is used in conjunction with the multirams, one of which is in the metal portion of the double intake pipes (bagpipes) that you see in the picture. Without the multirams, low end torque is compromised so its worth replacing.

On later Euro cars, there is another similar tank located to the rear of the pollen filter intake under the windscreen wiper scuttle.

04-10-08, 09:30 PM
There is one on eBay right now. Here is the number 110241640606

04-11-08, 09:13 AM
I wish I would have waited to buy the tank. I paid $36 from the dealer! The Dealer's parts book said that it was for the HVAC unit in the car. He said that you the automatic climate control won't work unless there is negative pressure on those lines. I broke the old one apart and there is a little diaphram and spring on the large vacuum line and nothing on the other vacuum line. It was all sealed together so when the diaphram opens, there would be negative pressure in both lines.