: GTG: Twin Peaks Mesquite then redline... 3/29 Sat.

03-24-08, 05:14 PM
So we had a nice turnout, and we got to meet 3 of you guys..

Now we are doing it again....

Twin Peaks in Mesquite ON saturday... 2 - 5

Then we are stopping by the lake.. lake ray hubbard and getting some pics of the cars on the lake... then we are going to REDLINE raceway for some racing.

6 - 12 for racing at redline...

so whoever is down... come on out...
fun guys, fun crew.. we are out to just have fun.


is our website... I have not had time to fully customize it.. :bomb:

03-28-08, 03:13 PM
Not sure if we'll be able to make this one. Y'all have fun at the track, hopefully won't get rained out. :)

(I need to find a local place to get a SA2000 or SA2005 rated helmet for when I make it to the track)