View Full Version : E-Brake Part Number? Gto Front Struts?

03-24-08, 11:43 AM
Hi all, I know several of you have been able to get the stealer to give you one of the leathel e-brake cover for around $15, but everyone I have called claim that they can only sell me the entire e-brake ass. which I'm sure wont include what I need or help in anyway. If I could get a part number for it I will try again, but junk yard hunting is coming up short...

Also does anyone know if the GTO front struts will work as a replacement for the front? And are the Monroe's worth putting on or not?


03-24-08, 05:18 PM
Heres what i would do its what i did i replaced rear with gto shocks direct swap the front will require a few dif parts so i just got monroe sensatracs for catera on amazon.com for 55 bucks a piece plus shipping the sensatracs are also on the gto i dont think the performance would be very different from catera monroe to gto monroe

Ebrake cover i got one from grad prix at junkyard for a dollar and stretched and glued it to fit =0

03-24-08, 05:51 PM
I ordered the e brake boot from my dealer. As soon as it comes in, I will post the part number.

03-24-08, 07:43 PM
Thanks for the replies. I do have the GTO rears and wow was it a big improvement over the factory air ride, Which I dont think worked at all. Even though it rides a lot better the front still will bounce pretty easily when I push on it so maybe just some new monroe's will be all I need. The part number for the e-brake isnt the one on the inside of it, I tried that with still no luck! I will be very greatful for the GM part number if you can get it!



03-25-08, 12:16 AM
just ask the guys at lindsay cadillac. thats where i got mine

03-25-08, 07:07 PM
Got a quote from them for $15 plus shipping. Pretty good if you ask me. Ordering one on Monday

03-25-08, 09:49 PM
If you ever have parts or pricing questions, post them in the Lindsay Cadillac Section of the Vendor's area.
Luke will respond as quickly as he can with the information.

03-25-08, 10:05 PM
This is all well and good, BUT still no part number huh... Is it a magic part only some dealers can get?

03-26-08, 07:20 AM
Click on Lindsey's ad and ask them for the part number. Luke answered my questions within that business day

03-26-08, 11:11 AM
I will, I would just like to prove to the two dealers that im not crazy and it is possible to get!

03-28-08, 05:07 PM
To all with a need the part number is 90435969 which is the same as on the plastic part I believe but havnt confirmed it yet. Some dealers are just better than others and Lidsey's is shipping me mine so they get the gold star!