: What Kind of Exhaust Wrap?

03-23-08, 09:07 PM
So I searched for about an hour and found no real information. I am going to take Heavy's recommendation and wrap my header collectors with exhaust wrap to insulate some of the ticking noise. I was wondering if anyone has had any particularly good experience with a specific brand/type of wrap. I am looking for something that will work well on a daily driver in the Midwest.

Also, will insulating the collectors put too much heat into the cats and burn them out?


03-24-08, 04:03 AM
Between you and i wrappin the headers is a BAD idea...

1.You will fowl up your o2 sensors (should be changed after 30,000mi)
2. the heat then will get transfered to your exhaust system causin excessive heat
3. you will weigh down your car

Now if you are going to wave these warnins go for DEI, they are the best of the best and you can get it in a different color. make sure you order extra clips, you will need it...

03-24-08, 09:02 AM
Not V-related experience, but back a million years ago when I was running a Mustang 5.0L I wanted to put header wrap on, and everyone said it would accelerate the oxidation of the header's metal and melt the exhaust, etc etc.
I did it anyway, and I think it actually helped save plastic/rubber pieces under the hood because it *really* helped lower the underhood temp. You could just about TOUCH the headers while the car was running the wrap insulated so well.
Later when I got rid of that car I took the wrap off and the headers were as good as they were when I put the wrap on, so I don't believe in the whole "it'll cause your headers to decompose" story. Maybe if you don't have them painted or coated (mine were painted with header paint) then the wrap could trap moisture in with the headers, but then again i would think the headers get more than hot enough to dry themselves off. :-)
Also keep in mind this was a carbed car ('85) with no cats, so i wouldn't know if it it eats the O2 sensors or kills the cats...
Just another data point! ;-)

03-24-08, 03:27 PM
it is way too much work to wrap headers. I would just send it out to swaintech in NY to get coated. Also, wrap will come loose and you'll have to tighten it again. too much work IMO.

03-24-08, 04:33 PM
Keep in mind I ONLY want to wrap my header collectors for noise insulation. I am not looking to reduce heat or gain performance. Do you think this will work?

03-24-08, 04:49 PM
Yes, but it is going to require you to keep an eye on it.

Use stainless bailing wire.

No it isn't going to burn out your cat.

Your not wrapping the cat, only the collector and any pipe you can get at.

A wrapped stainless header is still going to cool off and shed heat faster then a cast iron.