: Dash Kits For Late Model Caddies

05-23-04, 04:08 AM
Hi Ya'll !

I'm in the process of buying an 01 DTS.

A have a few questions about aftermarket stuff and appreciate your answers !

I realize it's irritating to have a new member ask questions that have been asked over and over again, so I did search around and did not see similar questions, so here goes..

1) I don't really like the brown wood interior trim and have seen several companies that make aluminum and gray wood (simulated I'm sure) kits. I'm particularly interested in the Titanium Burl wood kit or the Brushed Aluminum kits for sale at http://www.exoticwoodtrim.com/customer/pages.php?pageid=1

Have any of you done this or seen installed pictures of it. I am REALLY interested in it, but would like to see it installed to get an idea of what it looks like! Are they difficult to install ? Do these simply go over the stock trim or are they replacements ?

2) I've seen Cads with silver aftermarket plates (whatever they are called) on the part of the window/door frame next to the windows (they normally have like a black decal-like material that fades over the years). Where can I get these, how much and how easy to install ?

Thanks for the HELP !!!

Scott ** Soon to own 01 Sterling DTS with Sunroof :)
Factory Certified 33,500 miles Chrome 17 inch Wheels. $24,500
Hoping this is a decent deal ... Wanna chime in ? ::) :)

05-25-04, 08:25 PM
checked 6 places and they dont have any aluminum dash kits for a DTS, but most have factory match wood though.

05-29-04, 08:32 AM

05-29-04, 04:46 PM
As near as I know, the only way to alter the factory wood grain in you car is to actualy refinish those parts that have the wood grain on them. We can do that and make into whatever you want it to be from aluminum to granite.

On your 2nd question, I think the parts you are asking about are in this picture. If so let me know how I can help you.http://BENT.smugmug.com/photos/3955146-S.jpg