: Different Mod-Hell Questions

03-22-08, 07:31 AM
Fellow mod-hellers, I am soliciting opinions on a couple of points. I have the Super Charger (Maggie), crappy super charger tune, headers, 160 degree t-stat and corsa to install on Tuesday! Now the question, will it be too much for the crappy tuner to handle if I install it all? Should I get a dyno tune with just the SC and then do the headers and t-stat? Should I install the maggie and headers (corsa exists) and wait until post tune for the t-stat? I am not certain how long it will be until the tuner can fit me in and am concerned about potential damage to the engine if I run it to lean. Thanks in advance for anyone who it willing to make the time to post a response! :confused:

The Tony Show
03-22-08, 09:21 AM
The Headers will make it run a little richer, so don't worry about running lean if you can't get a tune ASAP- just don't run around WOT at 6k. The T-stat has no effect on the tune, nor does the Corsa. My advice? Put the full exhaust on, then install the Maggie and get a tune.

03-22-08, 10:32 AM
You could do it either way. If you choose to use the box Mag tune and headers or anything else, just stay out of boost on your way to get it dyno tuned. Yes it is possible (but really fricking tempting not to) to stay out of boost with the Maggie installed.

One thing to consider is slapping the Maggie on there and using the included box tune, and then finding a reputable shop that will put the exhaust and headers on for you. This way they can weld an O2 bung into your headers and do the tune properly (i.e., without having to use a tailpipe insert) and/or put an AFR meter in your car for you.

Good luck.