: P0107 then P0201 thru P0208 runs fine

03-21-08, 11:04 AM
Hi I have a 96 Aurora, 4.0 northstar ,recently on My last 2 trips to work (30 miles) I had no problem on the ride down coming home the check engine light came on, when I checked the codes is gave me P0107 (map sensor) then P0201 thru p0208 (injector circuit open) But car ran and ran fine then code set about 5 miles from home. Everything ran and felt fine shifted thru all gears no problems. From researching online seems this problem would cause these cylinders to be shutdown ?? Any suggestions on what to check ?? I can reset codes and all runs fine, Wife usually drived it around town and NO codes are set , seems just the tail end of driving it to work and return home (usual 55 mph) , I Know this is a cadillac forum but since this is a cadillac engine I was hoping someone may be able to suggest what to check. thanks John

03-21-08, 04:17 PM
I would approach this with the idea of false codes being set. And that is frequently caused by a weak or failing battery. Has your battery recently failed to crank and fire the engine?

Also could be dirty/corroded/loose/wet electrical harness connectors or damaged wiring. Inspect the connectors on the throttle body. Inspect the connectors at the PCM (in a Cadillac chassis, the PCM is located upstream of the air filter in the engine intake airstream). Are you using an oil-wetted air filter?

Clear the codes and note any new or different codes. What conditions will set those codes every time?

Any recent collision damage repairs? Or engine repairs of any kind?

03-21-08, 08:15 PM
Those codes you listed P0201-P0208 would cause an engine misfire. But you stated the engine runs fine, something does not make sense here. :confused:
P0107 is MAP Sensor voltage too low, totally unrelated to the injector codes.
Clear them and Heed Jim D's advice!