: '00 Escalade - newbeeeeeeeeee

03-21-08, 06:13 AM
Just acquired a low mile (50-60K miles) Escalade and was told of some required maintenance: ball joints and tie rod ends, speedo head replace, brakes, possible oil leaks. The brakes, joints and ends I can appreciate as this is a large SUV. Any suggestion on typical cost at a local (qualified) repair shop? Speedo head has been non functional (hence the range of estimated mileage .. is there another source for actual mileage i.e. computer(s)?). Any ideas regarding oil leaks? Are these vehicles prone to oil leaks?

Your responses are most appreciated!

Charlotte, NC

03-21-08, 02:47 PM
Welcome catshot. I also have a 2000 Lade and no oil leaks whatsoever to mention. Me engine on me Lade is probobly clean enough to eat off of,(and she be a daily driver). Ball joints are gettin replaced as I type this, she's in the shop now gonna be ready in a few hours. Replaced the cat converter. And other than that no problems. Havent figured out yet how to extend her range as far as fuel goes, otherwise I am more than happy with me Lade. Good Luck and God Bless. Joe

03-22-08, 07:38 AM
2000 Esky for me too...mine has about 59K miles on it...no oil leaks...no problems with the ball joints that I can detect...I do see about a teaspoon of coolant from time to time on the driveway...changed the radiator cap (to another stock in case the cap was bad)...no change but it only happens intermittently...I get a buzz from time to time around the driver's seat or dashboard but I cannot locate what it is...sounds almost like a wire shorting out but I see no reaction in the alternator/battery gauge nor smell any burning smell...hmmm...mileage is about 11+ in almost ALL city driving for me...short runs...love the truck though...enjoy yours!
Hey Joe...didja find out what the "horn" sound was on yours???

03-22-08, 09:36 AM
Hey Joe...didja find out what the "horn" sound was on yours???

In mine it was transmission.

03-23-08, 06:03 AM
Negative Bill. However I as well heard the shorting sound and traced mine to the "butt warmers". Appears perhaps as they power up to warm up your butt is when they emit the above mentioned short sound. Once I shut mine down,(heated seats), the shorting sound went away. Hope I'm right and hope this helps. Czesc setes. God Bless, Joe

03-23-08, 07:44 AM
The seat heaters were my first thought and have shut them down but still heard the sounds...hmmm still searching for the mysterious sounds...

Setes...was there something wrong with your transmission or just the sound from time to time...I see no leaks and the previous owner had the fluids flushed probably more than at the normal intervals (leased vehicle)...


03-23-08, 05:36 PM
Everything was fine. It shifted smooth, I thought everything was OK.
Just that "honk/horn" sound everytime when start moving (I thought it was u-joint)
Last week "I lost" 2nd gear and I had to rebuild the transmission.
After rebuild no sound and it is more "tight" than before.


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03-24-08, 08:25 AM
Welcome to the Froum, and congrats on your new to you truck. :)