: Looking for head gasket repair in Northwest, Indiana

03-21-08, 12:14 AM
Anyone Know of a good place to have head gaskets replaced in the Northwest, Indiana area? I live in Valparaiso, Indiana. Gaskets started to let loose at 62,000 mile and now at 92,000 miles car has overheated a few time and uses a lot more coolant. It's still a good summer car, but probably not worth much more than the cost to repair. Looking for more options than local Cadillac dealer for repair. I know cost will be somewhere between $3,000.00 - $4,000.00

03-21-08, 07:39 AM
you will get a lot more help if you find out what type of car you have model and year.

03-21-08, 07:22 PM
I think I can put you in touch with a Caddy mechanic in the western Chicago suburbs that will do it $2200, last I heard. Bit of a drive, but might be worth it.

03-21-08, 10:15 PM
I know it's far but I can give you another referral in the Chicago western suburbs. My niece had her Aurora done recently and the guy has done N*s also. He gave a reasonable price. If you can't PM post it and Ranger and I can send you the names.

03-22-08, 02:02 PM
I live in fort wayne indiana and can do the job for relatively cheap. I do not have very many post so I cannot PM you so you will have to PM me with your email/phone and I will let you know the details. I no longer have a shop because of business conditions but I'm still willing to do certain jobs at my home. I also do the thread inserts and have the equipment to do them. I have done many N* rebuilds so quality and knowledge is not an issue.

03-22-08, 08:56 PM
Sorry, I have been gone a few days. Car is a 1997 deville. I travel in Chicago region all the time, and nowhere is too far to save money. Not enought posts (6) to PM, but here is one of my e-mail accounts gtmick@hotmail.com Any help would be much appreciated.

03-22-08, 09:16 PM
I am assuming that you and silvawolf are talking. Advise if you still need anymore info.

03-22-08, 09:36 PM
Ranger and Zonie77, would like to have infor on west Chicago mechanics if you can E-Mail me @ gtmick@hotmail.com

03-22-08, 10:26 PM
Contact Anthony at aaturbo124@yahoo.com