: '03 CTS Non XM / Nav / Aux In ?

03-20-08, 06:37 PM
Couple questions for the experts ...

I have a '03 CTS FE3.

I bought a '04 Nav black head and fitted it no problem.

I'm now trying to add aux. input for my external XT XM receiver that I've been using ... the problem I have is ...

The XM1-XM2 band disappeared a couple of days after the head unit was unlocked. After reading through the Faqs ... I think the reason the head unit is not is showing the XM bands anymore could be as follow ... since my car has no XM receiver on-board, there are no "radio C1 pin 11" (serial data class 2) signal from the XM receiver ... so the radio quit offering the XM bands!

Questions are...

Can that be the reason?
If so, how can I fool the radio with a signal on "radio C1 pin 11" to think there is a class 2 serial data signal coming in from XM?
I found a XM receiver for the CTS at $45 should I simply get it and hook it in (powered and bring serial data class 2 signal to C1 pin 11?

Thank you for your help!!!


03-23-08, 07:47 PM
Are there any expert here or what???