: Engine Noise under stress

03-20-08, 05:56 PM
Need a little advise, here is what is going on.

Step 1 had a leak from the valve covers which dripped onto the manifolds, both sides. battled it and put up with it for a while until it started missing. This is when I found out that oil was leaking into the space where the coil packs and plugs are. Had replaced.

Ran fine until I cleaned the engine to get rid of all the excess oil, dirt, etc. Started running rough. When I took it back is when I found out that the seals were not a good as they should have been which got water into the area and cracked 2 of the coils so I had them replaced,

Now that is taken care of here is the new problem. It ran ok for a few hours now my oil pressure gauge is all over the map and when it is good and hot due to stop and go traffic the oil light has come on once or twice at low idle and we can here a sound best describe as labor knocking but not quite when we give it gas. When we push the gas down good it boggs down and make that diesal sounding noise and without alot of power. When the engine is cool it does not do this. At idle the gauge is around 10 to 15psi and 2k around 40psi when warmed up. Until the engine warms up it is around 60psi. What could be causing the loss in power and noise. especially under stress. Any Ideas?:hmm:

03-20-08, 07:20 PM
Sounds like a "knock" issue with low octane or low quality fuel... Your oil pressure at operating temp. should be at least 20-25psi. I highly recommend Penzoil Platinum Synthetic Oil... It provides stable pressure no matter what the conditions and it does double duty by cleaning the inside of the motor.. At 118k miles the inside of my engine looked as if it just came off the assembly line.. (No Exaggeration here), Try a new oil pressure sender... Once in a blue moon mine will not read accurately for a few seconds then everything will be normal.. Good Luck

03-21-08, 02:27 PM
Thanks for you suggestion I will give it a try.