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03-20-08, 05:22 PM
Greetings fellow members. I am new to this group. I have a confession to make up front, which is that I am an enthusiast of all types of cars. Some people just have a natural tendency toward being car nuts and I have been one since I was a littlle squirt (let's see, I think Abe Lincoln was president then).

I have a question and I am sure this is the right group of people to have the knowledge to answer the question. To the best of my knowledge, the last full-sized Cadillac to be equipped with manual transmission was 1949. One thing I remember about the introduction of the Cimmaron is that it was the first Cadillac to be available with manual transmission since 1949. My question is what Cadillac models, if any, can be ordered with manual transmission? I was thinking that the Catera, which is intended to be a sporiter car, might be one of those models.

I have not bought a new car for a long, long time, however when I do I would like to have a unique automobile. Given that the majority of new cars today have automatic transmission, I think I could really buck the trend by ordering a Cadillac with manual transmission. I am sure one could convert almost any car to manual if they were determined enough to do it, however I am no longer up to such projects. Surely, after the long-time automatic transmission only trend ended with the introduction of the Cimmaron, GM realized there is a market for Cadillacs with manual. Other high end cars and certainly sportier versions of them are available with manual, so why not Cadillac?

If any fellow memebrs can address this, please share your knowledge with me.


03-20-08, 07:56 PM
I believe the CTS is the only current Cadillac available with a maunual transmission. I know a correction on this will be coming forthwith; if I am wrong I stand corected! To my knowledge, the Catera was not offered with a stick shift (my wife had one, and I don't remember seeing or hearing about one at the agency). If you are looking for a unique car, Cadillac's current models seem to present a broad range with several high performance veriations available in the "V" series of different models.

The European makers offer a much better selection of cars with manual transmissions because they traditionally must meet the demands of much more varied driving conditions and driver preferences than Detroit cars have had to meet ( that may be changing, although GM and Ford have offered market specific models in non-US markets since their early days).

At any rate, welcome to the forum ........ there is a lot of knowledge and opinion here spanning several generations and many tastes in automobiles.