: How's it going

05-22-04, 07:38 PM
Hey. I am new to the site. I use to drive an '87 corvette. I was t-boned on Tuesday. I walked away from it w/o a single scratch. I was just seeing what I might be able to buy with $3500. If my Vette is wrecked then I will most definitely get a cadillac seville.

05-22-04, 11:10 PM
Welcome aboard, thanks for signing up :wave:

Our admin and founder, Sal, went from an old corvette to a 95 caddy fleetwood brougham. Youll love a seville as well. Search the forums for info about them.

What years are you considering?

05-24-04, 09:03 AM
Welcome ajensen007!

Sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident! We are glad to hear that you are ok! Check out this link before you go shopping it will help. Thanks for joining.