: rear brake caliper problems '05 ESV

03-20-08, 02:27 PM
Howdy, new to group. Have a '05 ESV Escalade, owned since new, plenty of prior GM experience with Suburbans.

Having problems with the passenger rear brakes. Had to replace pads 1st at 25K miles, now again at 45K miles. Dual-piston calipers look fine, no leaking fluid, pistons easily pushed back. Did both rears at 25K miles, 3 pads were moderately worn but the innermost pad on the passenger rear was shot.

Pads were, however, a bit tight when inserted into their slots when replaced. No apparent corrosion or rusting in the grooves they slide into, plus the smaller metal inserts in the cast iron "frame" are fine looking--no crumpling, no warping.

Pads on other makes are always much looser in their mountings. Is this a problem in the Caddy? Is this the problem as opposed to a caliper in need of a rebuild? Or should I merely grind the pad's end tabs down a little bit for a bit of a looser fit in the mounting slots?

These are specifically the pads for the dual-piston rear brake setup.

Just looking for any input from the fellow Escaladers. Hopefully there are some others with the same experiences.

03-20-08, 04:18 PM
Welcome to the Forum. I saw a few people have problem with a pad hanging up and wearing out sooner than the rest, I know at least one had a caliper replaced, don't think it's a wide spread problem.

03-21-08, 10:55 AM
pulled the pads, and modified the new ones by removing a little metal with a grinder, being very careful to maintain the correct shape and relative dimensions.

Were finally fairly easy to insert so will watch closely over the next few months. did not heat up unusually during some local trips. The front pad set came with new slider inserts while the rears did not. Might want to replace these on the rears as well.

Now trying to replace the front pads as well. WTF, a TORX bit??? Nuts. Snowing like nuts today (8-15" forecast in Milwaukee--it's late March fer crikes sake) and really could use the big Caddy today. Need to get out to buy a T55 Torx bit.


03-24-08, 08:47 AM
Had to buy one of them too.

03-24-08, 09:19 PM
If the pads come with new sliders, DEFINITELY use them.. If they don't make sure you lube the existing ones well before you reinstall the calipers.. a sticking slide can cause uneven brake wear and also brake squeak..